2.02.2024 - YXL

This new 5-song EP, YXL, is a vignette into the prodigal son’s return to his birthplace of Raleigh, entering his 40s with grace and harmony   (instrumentals available through Bandcamp only), all produced by Yamin Semali.

10.07.2022 - Yamin's Supreme instrumental album

Welcome to Yamin’s Supreme – East Point’s Finest Seafood Shack specializing in only the freshest of local flavors. Home of the BIGGG Beats! 

2.22.2022 - ANY Given TWOSDAY is P.U.D.G.E and Yamin Semali

DJs, producers and emcees, among other things, P.U.D.G.E from Queens and Yamin from East Point have a collective discography of over 50+ projects. The two met in 2000 through Sum and X-Man of The VJC, the crew all above artists have represented for decades with origins in Los Angeles, CA, originally forming in 1996 at Hamilton High School.

“Our Voices. Our Lives.” presents YAMIN SEMALI. In this episode Yamin talks about the meaning of his name, his beginnings with the Vinyl Junkie Click (VJC), wanting his music to sound flawless, discovering his unique voice and more! Music by Yamin Semali.


Our Voices. Our Lives. is a docu-series by Wfjrfilms which features artists and entrepreneurs of color discussing a variety of topics ranging from how they got started, what differentiates them from others, the influence of community on their work and more.